Katie has been a wanderer her whole life. She likes to blame it on being Sagittarius and has found that this excuse works for a good many of her quirks. She’s a Colorado native, but has lived and traveled all over the world. Her designs are based on cultures and landscapes she’s experienced. She likes to create pieces that combine a feminine spirit with a bit of edge, excitement and adventure. Katie first found jewelry design as a teenager, when life as a competitive athlete left her nomadic. She collected beads and stones wherever she went and found a creative outlet in making necklaces and earrings. As a post athletic career adult, her wandering left her feeling a bit directionless until she found the sunlit haven of an Angie Star apprenticeship. She now makes jewelry from her jalopy-style home studio with her best friend, a black fluffy creature named Muffin. She hopes that you will take her jewelry with you on all your adventures and be inspired to embrace the exotic. After all, every girl needs a little something beautiful and sparkly, even if its wearer finds herself in a tent in Patagonia, on a mountain bike in Colorado or traipsing around a market in India.